• Extreme and violent anger that is accompanied by a person doing something to satisfy that anger.

  • Something very close to you has been killed/hurt, maybe your girlfriend or your child.

    I shall attempt to explain the direness of wrath.
    If anger had a scale from 1 to 10, wrath would score 30.
    When one goes into wrath mode one loses are logical or rational thinking and wants only annihilate whatever the cause of the wrath in the most painful and excruciating way possible.

    Some trained minds get into an artificial wrath mode called the Berserkergang. these two states are very indentical except that wrath is generally not purposly sought after but happens on its own .

    When the entity responsible for the wrath gets in range of the wrathee he will be absolutely terrified.
    To be at wrath is a state of absolutism, all or nothing thinking.

    The wrathee is completly devoid of their former selfs and will likely keep destroying and killing until either it is dead, or everything around it. (somewhat equivilent to Primeape)

  • After a long day out and about, you have to take a shit when you get home after you held it in for many hours. Wrath also refers to explosive diarrhea or feces with strong nasty odors.

  • A five piece metal band from New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand who have been gigging for over ten years around the North Island. Working on their first full album at the moment hoping to have it out sometime soon.

  • In Magic the Gathering: short for Wrath of God, used as a verb

  • The stench of a fart coming from a man three hours after eating vindaloo curry.

  • Another word for penis.

  • Its wrath you moron, its not pronounced wroth you moron.

  • Best #quickneter ever


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