• Being very quick and stealth like thunder and lightning combined, if you are truely swift when u walk across water you shouldnt even touch it.

  • Swift is a high-level programming language developed by Apple and made available in 2014. It is designed for writing apps for Apple platforms, including macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

    The Swift language is based on Objective-C, which was used for NeXTSTEP development in the 1980s, and later macOS and iOS. Swift has similar syntax and maintains the object-oriented features of Objective-C, but provides a more simplified programming experience. For example, Swift code is easier to read and write than Objective-C. It allows several common commands to be combined and does require semicolons (;) at the end of each statement.

    Additionally, Swift handles several programming obstacles automatically. For example, Swift:

    Apples Xcode software development IDE has supported Swift since version 6 (released in 2014). Xcode also supports Swift Playgrounds, a feature that allows programmers to edit Swift code and see the results immediately. For example, the playground may display the source code on the left and an app simulator on the right. Changes to the code update the app simulation on-the-fly. Several playgrounds are included with Xcode to provide an easy way to learn the language.

    Since Apple develops and maintains the Swift language, it is optimized for Apple hardware. Therefore an iOS app developed in Swift may perform better than a similar app developed in another language. Apple also updates Swift with new features on a regular basis. This allows developers programming in Swift to take advantage of the latest advances in Macs, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products.

    File extension: .SWIFT

    The Swift logo (Apple)

    Swift Playground in Apple Xcode

  • A totally useless trucking company that hires only retards and unskilled drivers who usually fuck up so bad that they bring shame to the trucking community.

  • In reference to a person who is well-dressed. Saying that someone looks swift is the same as saying they look sharp, suave, or classy.

  • its the best, its the worst, its awesome, its sucky, its hot, its not, its rainbows and smiles, and its some hard core sex

  • A word meaning general awesomeness.

  • Rapper in the group D12, commonly confused with Kuniva by people who dont know D12. Bugz last act was to have Swift join the group

  • A boy/man who gets a load of pussy and will always be a womaniser, he will be a successful person in what ever he does and he is a leader to everyone, and he will always try to help out his youths and he try to remain a king for eternity

  • To be slick with words, so slick you dont need to say anything.


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