• Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

  • what should be freaking attached to the heads of sharks in Dr. Evils lair, but he has ill tempered sea bass instead

  • Synonym for cool. Used especially when one wants to draw attention to ones own dorkiness, as this term itself is dorky. For instance, one could use it to describe something which is cool only because oneself is a dork.

  • A technology that is useful for creating high-intensity, coherent, unidirectional light.

    It works like this: Atoms of a particular material are excited (given energy) by various means (usually by applying a current); when more atoms in this material are excited than stable a light beam is passed through the material which causes the excited atoms to revert back to their stable state (sometimes in stages); this stimulates the emission of additional light; the process is repeated until the light beam is amplified to the desired energy, at which stage it leaves the system.

  • A gun used to zap people with and shit

  • It is the one word that can override shotgun. Whenever someone calls shotgun before you, and you call out laser, you get the seat.

  • One of the highest adjectives in describing something completely awesome.
    The only thing above laser, is [lasermazing].

  • Another word for a cumshot; ejaculate


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