• A word driving from a small group of Suburban guys who , over time developed thier own language. Scog is formally defined as a Beer (mostly a Keystone Light). Scog can be used in just about any tense. Scogging as a verb, meaning to get hammered, cocked, or shitfaced. Scoged in past tense means that the individual got fucked up pretty good. If AH Scog is said, that means you made a very clever ball break. Scog can be used in just about any situation, regarless of context. It is a legit sentence enhancing tool.

  • a Slight Chuckle Or Giggle. Used as a response when the user didnt actually lol.

  • using refering to a person that considers himself brilliant at footballing skillz . .

  • The word pertaining to a liquid, or other substance that is commonly called or known as disgusting, dirty, or gross.


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