1. the top of a mans penis, or a hermaphodites penis I guess as well. Also reffered to as a purple helmet.
    2. A condom, as worn on the head of your penis, perhaps a more accurate term.
    3. A kevlar, or plastic covering for your less important head, as worn while riding a motorcycle or visiting a construction site. Or oddly, enough, while exploring actual caverns. See [spelunking].

  • an individual who is in need of a helmet, for their mental capacity is so small that thoughts floating around can hurt their head, causing their brow to furrow. a slight tilting of the head is also common.

  • an often unappreciated and overlooked alternative rock band from the early to mid 1990s.

  • n. A parasite. Specifically a college guy you dont know who comes to your party early with lots of his helmet friends. They bring enormous cups for beer drinking and knock out half of the keg before anyone else shows up. They are nitwits. When women arrive, they [cock block] you either by talking directly to the women and making them think they are your friends, thus branding you a helmet, or acting like such idiots that they ruin the party and your rep, or by kicking the keg just as the women show up. Then they leave without pitching in for the next one.

    Root: suggested root is the helmets football players wear; helmets show up at a party and behave much like a football team made up of losers and dorks.

  • One of the most original hard rock/heavy metal bands to rise up from the United States underground; The original and most prominent lineup featuring [Page Hamilton] on [guitar] and vocals, [Henry Bogdan] on [bass], [John Stanier] on [drums], and various background guitarists. Their original sound was based around heavy guitar [distortion] with droning riffs, outrageous guitar shredding and solos (influenced by bands such as [Sonic Youth], [Void] and [Killing Joke] as well as many [jazz] musicians), loud chuggy bass lines, heavy [snare drum]ming, and background guitars to create a wall of noise sound.
    In 1992 they blasted into the mainstream with their second album Meantime, which featured their most known song Unsung. The band also released Give It and In the Meantime as singles, but both songs flopped in sales and didnt receive as much attention as Unsung. Helmets two albums Strap It On and Meantime were both so groundbreaking that it spawned many watered down imitator bands that ripped from Helmets sound, the most prominent three being [Korn], [Deftones] and [Tool]. This move infuriated and disgusted the band, giving them the desire to do something much more experimental to alienate themselves from their imitators.
    In 1994, Helmet released their third album Betty; a much more melodic album which owed more to bluesy and jazzy heavy metal, which featured the songs Wilmas Rainbow and Milquetoast, both of which became minor hits on modern rock radio. Helmet have gone on to release 3 more albums and still remain a favorite of Modern rock, Hard rock and Heavy metal fans today.

  • what they called head back in the day.

  • A fairly decent [Groove metal] band started in the New York City underground music scene in [1989]. Fronted by [lead guitarist] and [vocalist] Page Hamilton. Original members include Henry Bogdan on [bass], John Stanier on [drums], and Peter Mengede on [rhythm guitar]. Broke up in [1998] but reformed in [2003] with new members.

  • A Helmet or a Helm is a total 100% dumbass who has no idea what he is talking about or doing

  • A hard or padded protective hat, various types of which are worn by soldiers, police officers, motorcyclists, sports players, and others.