• Kelvin. If you look into his eyes, you can see a passion, a sincerity which has yet to be known or understood by people. He posses a beautiful soul and his outer attractiveness is a mirror reflection of just how beautiful he is on the inside. he is lighthearted and will make you laugh with a blink of your eye and before you know it he will be hugging you to say youre cared for.
    He is an honest person and always strives to speak his truth, what he knows to be true in his heart. He does not judge people and sees them for who they are. The inner person beneath all the layers of fear, past heart aches, negative experiences and seeks to know a person for their insides (not their organs but their true spirit :))
    An extremely caring person who will cross all boundaries to protect and shield the ones he loves. he loves his family to the zenith degree and adores animals and the loyalty that they bring into his life. He is admired by friends and loved by his family dearly. He is never alone. Even when he feels he is, he is never alone.
    Inside him he harbors a deep love for people and wishes to contribute to the world. he is passionate, romantic and sweet the sweetest type of sweet one can find. He adores children and will make the most loving father and the perfect partner in life. hes incredibly sexy and his lips....... hes desired by all women and is loved very deeply by one girl especially, who he means everything to.

  • A Guy Thats Really Funny And Really Charismatic

  • To describe a cool asian guy

  • The boy who youd do anything for because you just love him too much.

  • Idiot

  • A person who has no drive in life and only wants to party and get wasted.

  • That one fucking measurement of temperature that nobody uses.

  • -272.15 degrees C

  • An extremely perverted person

  • One die hard MF Nicki Fan. Dont tolerate shit from nobody and will tell you when where and how to get the fuck off. Far from scary and is the up most Ken Doll if you ask any motha fucka he knows. Mostly vicious and defensive when need be.

  • The SI base unit of thermodynamic temperature, equal in magnitude to the degree Celsius.


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