• PDN stands for Public Displays of Narcissism.

    1. When 2 people display and inordinate combined fascination with themselves.

    2. A spectacle of excessive connected self-love between 2 people; vanity squared.

    3. When 2 people excessively and publicly compliment themselves as if they are one person.

  • PDN = Proctologically Derived Number. An obscure mathematical classification for almost all numbers, including dollar amounts, presented to the public by governmental entities, politicians, pork-barrel government contractors, and other self-righteous prevaricators, with the sincere claim that the number is totally based on sound science, fiscal integrity, and the publics best interest. PDNs are typically presented as having at least an order of magnitude higher accuracy and reliability than the more commonly used WAG (Wild Ass Guess) classification of numbers. A sub-classification of PDNs is the LBSPDN (Loose Bowel Syndrome PDN), typified by numbers presented in such a manner or quantity as to inundate the public, leaving them flush with bewilderment.

  • Stands for Pre-Drinking Nap.The act of getting some rest before going to th bar or party in order to go hard all night. Popular with college students.

  • Pretty Dumb Nigga. - Pretty is not to be used as very. As in: a very dumb nigga. It is used as a description to imply physical attractiveness. Ex: He is very pretty.


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