• Summer camp in central Pennsylvania for skateboards, in-line skaters, BMX riders, and gymnasts. Considered to be one of the greatest camps in the world for skateboarding. There is also Woodward West, located in California, and Lake Owen, located in Wisconsin (both run by the same company).

  • A word used to describe any extremely badass teenager, especially one who is well-known and is a total pimp, always hooking up with the hottest girls. To carry this name, as your first, middle, or last name is an extreme honor. To have all three names be Woodward would ensure that the person would live a life of prosperity and BAMFness.

    1. (noun) person/place/object that is out of the way and that no one knows about, comes from out of the woodwork
    2. (adj) random, irrelevant

  • to wake up with morning wood.....word...

  • An easily frightened or intimidated person.

  • The act of male self defecation and receiving sexual stimulation from it in a public place such as the office or sporting events, a slanderous term given to the English by the Irish.

  • A word for someone who is extremely gay
    Similar to [fudge packer] or [poo pusher]


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