• Maven comes to us from the Hebrew, by way of Yiddish. In Hebrew, mavin means he knows. So a maven is someone in the know, a real expert, or maybe sometimes just a self-styled expert.

  • A Yiddish word that can be traced back to the 1960s. Suddenly became popular with pretentious female new media types who were not confident enough to call themselves an expert.

  • a super fly drop kickin machine! the man has no limits, except for the dropkick, cause thats what he does best, and at all. one time, i saw maven drop kick this guy, and the was totally down, until he stepped out of the way and maven fell. but he got back up, hes a total fighter/brawler, maven roxors my soxors. maven is the man/child of the wwe. ALL HAIL MAVEN and his glorious drop kick. i hear hes working on another move.... shhhh! dont tell! the MISSILE drop kick whoa shit nigga, that fly busta will fuck you up!

  • Someone who has just been maved and is dripping from the pap The after effects of being maved.
    Also see sobering up.

  • a dork amongst dorks; an uber dork; or, used when a dork is about to go in a diatribe about his or her passion. Refernce: the Simpsons.

  • An expert or connoisseur.


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