1. The REAL way to spell favorite.
    2. A way of proving, in academic writing or otherwise, that you are not American.

  • It is the way brits or brittish people spell the word favorite.

  • The correct and original way to spell favourite and therefore cannot be an incorrect or illiterate word spoken of by americans obviously very angry and have a non-stereotypical and logical understanding of the english language and the people who speak it and therfore should definetely know how to speak it,(Sarcasm), means you have no idea and a word invented before another word cannot be incorrect and colour is the correct way because the english language is decided by the english not the americans, just to clarify to the imbeciles who have commented above

  • My least favorite spelling of the word favourite.

  • The way gay people (British if you will) spell favorite because theyre too busy bugging the fuck out of Ireland.

  • A common mispelling of the word favorite by faggots such as snapbean2005

  • Preferred to all others of the same kind.


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