Hair band

  • The word is used to describe a band That plays a genere of music commonly known hair metal. the music was well known in the 80s, and characterized by: all of the band members having extremely long hair, usually high pitched male vocals, and heavy, piercing, distorted guitars. some examples of bands include; dokken, firehouse, and white lion

  • A musical ensemble, generally from the 1980s whose most noteworthy asset is their coiffure.

  • A group of men in a rock band, each with an obsenely large mane that is typically wavy and always past the shoulders. The men in the band (most formed in or around 1980) bang their heads so their hair flies all over and they sing rock songs about women and love in multi-part harmony. In addition, it is customary to wear either extremely tight pants or similarly tight stone-washed cut-off jeans when part of a hair band.


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