• Someone socially inept...a social misfit. No matter how hard they try to be cool, they never fit in.

  • The line in between your balls that extends to your anus

  • Too Meech can be anything you want to say it about

  • an adjective for something/someone that is weird or crazy.

    derived from the Korean language, short for meecheen meaning crazy.

  • Verb. The tendency to frequently request to speak to an employees manager whilst a customer at that establishment, with the notion or feeling of moral obligation to express that the employee is doing a fine job performing their duties. To Meech can also apply to other acts out of moral obligation, or obligations to comply to social norms, which might include, but is not limited to: Wearing pants, not picking ones nose, not flatulating to the rhythm of Everybody Dance Now by C C Music Factory in a grocery store on Saturday, or refraining from making penis jokes during a church service to an acquaintances grandmother.

  • A person who is a total creeper and acts like a creech. They like to creep around. Very creature like. Usually also described as creeper, creech, or cretin. Meeching is the act of one doing meech-like things.

  • What Snoop Dog says in the beginning of Everywhere I Go.

  • a word that brittany says all the time. Ive never gotten a strait up answer but it sounds like it means: to squeeze and hug a soft, sqishy, all around huggable object until youre as happy as a clam XD.

  • To loiter, loaf; to slink off; to skulk around. Now regional (chiefly New England).


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