• A seasonal infestation of Yankees (as well as Midwesterners and Canadians) in sunny warm states in the South such as Florida (and also out West in Arizona). A snowbird is an elderly [Yankee] that migrates down to the South to winter when their natural habitat of New York, Ohio, or Michigan is too cold for them. Their migration begins in early September and lasts until April.

    You can spot a snowbird by it’s white or graying hair color (or sometimes light blue or orange form a dye job gone bad), it’s pastel colored clothes, use of sweaters, socks in sandals or white tennis shoes, dark colored over sized sun glasses, and of course it’s irritating Yankee accent. They tend to drive over sized gas guzzling cars such as Lincolns and Cadillac’s because they are retired and have the money to spend.

    Typically known to drive well under the normal speed in traffic, (about 35 MPH below and in the passing lane) and prone to rubbernecking therefore making places such as Florida the traffic accident capital of the US. Other than making driving conditions terrible for Native Floridians and other Southerners, snowbirds also infest restaurants, post offices, stores, doctor’s office’s by the droves making it next to impossible to get it during the winter months. They in turn complain about how crowed it is and how they have to wait in line.

    Even though tourist traps love snowbirds because of the revenue they bring, most people who are native to the states the snowbirds visit hate them with a passion and wish they’d go home.

  • the biggest pieces of shit in the entire fucking world. old people who make every restaraunt in the whole state of florida crowded from 2-10 p.m. all snowbirds migrate south for the winter so their rich asses dont have to deal with snow. they take their entire goddamn families and drive down the middle of the road at .000000000000000000000001 miles per hour, and are known for causing crashes at this intense speed. although, the younger snowbirds have been known to push 5 mph at times. all snowbirds are stubborn, rich, and have absolutley no idea how to drive a car.


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