• Hadith are narrations originating from the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. Hadith are regarded by traditional schools of jurisprudence as important tools for understanding the Quran and in matters of jurisprudence. ..

  • A collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Koran.

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  • A term used to describe the supposed teachings, sayings, and traditions of the [Muslim] prophet Muhammad. These are embraced by the majority of the Muslim population without recognizing that these teachings go against the base teachings of [Islam] and also tend to make the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad, look, depending on what side youre on, like a horrible, murderous dictator that had no problem drinking camel piss or killing the [infidels] usually indicating Jews or Christians. Hadith is supposedly a supplement to the [Quran].


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