• One of the greatest bands of the 80s. With Lou Gramms excellent vocal strength backed by cool electric guitars and awesome keyboards, Foreigner quickly became one of the most popular bands in the late 70s/early 80s. Foreigner was first formed in 1977, with the two main members: Lou Gramm from New York, and Mick Jones from England. Their greatest hits were Feels Like The First Time, Hot Blooded, Urgent, Waiting For A Girl Like You, Jukebox Hero, I Want To Know What Love Is and Heart Turns To Stone. This band is definitely a MUST-SEE.

  • Common British slang for unofficial work, often making use of company equipment/ time/ premises but solely for personal gain, unrelated to the interests of the company and/or tax department. This phrase is short for Foreigner Bashing, for reasons unknown, but DOES NOT hold racist connotations in this context. With notable exceptions, doing Foreigners is a fairly accepted part of British working life and, depending on the workplace, can even be done with managemental consent.

  • An alien or person that has different customs, comes from a different country/territory, and is different from your own diverse culture, religion, or maybe race.

  • When you masturbate with your weaker hand. The unfamiliarity of the weak hand and poor rhythm simulates somebody else performing the act.

  • Someone who is [fresh off the boat](with or without [money]) to America and doesnt know its rude to yell Wasabe! from the third row of a basketball game when Yao Ming makes a free throw. Probably says [nigger] alot in private as well.

  • The object of hatred wherever you go.

    1. A stranger in a strange land.
    2. One from a different country.
    3. In the Midwest and Southern US many people are considered foreigners if they are from a different state, county, or town.
    4. A successful Rock band named Foreigner.

    1. Relative to any country, a person who is not a citizen of that country

    2. Relative to America, an individual who possesses higher intellect, more cultural knowledge in their pinky than the entire population of Texas and works in major white-collar companies.

  • Someone who doesnt come from America.

  • A person born in or coming from a country other than one


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