• when one squeezes their ass cheeks together.

  • Clenching involves you and at least 2 of your closest friends whom you have absolutely no sexual feelings towards. All three participants leave their clothes ON and squish into a twin size bed in a spooning position. Then proceed to bounce up and down/hump to the tune of shots by Lmfao while chanting clench clench clench. Continue til exhaustion, then fall asleep maintaining position. Usually done when completely wasted. Often accompanied by feelings of WTF the next day upon reaching sobriety.

  • adj. - When you have little time to do something; close; difficult.

    Not to be confused with what you do to with your ass cheeks to prevent poop from involuntarily exiting.

  • A place-holder for the words relating to killing and death. Used in families with strict verbal restrictions.

  • See [safe]

  • when your pussy quakes and tightens at the thought or sight of something nut worthy.

  • (with reference to the fingers or hand) close into a tight ball, especially as a manifestation of extreme anger.


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