• When you are doing a chick doggy style. You go in like your going to grab her tits and abruptly swing your arms outwards so she falls on her face. Now start pushing her around the room into coffe tables, lamps, etc. making bulldozing sounds.

  • Bulldozer: whilst during anal penetration, the act of driving your partner around the room on their face.

  • The fat kid you follow behind at School to get through a crowd quickly.

  • A guy who plows a plethora of women in a short amount of time

  • A sex move that is a spin-off of the doggystyle postion. The male is doing it doggystyle with the female and he sweeps her arms out from under her causing her face to plow into the bed, while he holds them behind her back.

  • The maxiumum ammount of failage released From AMD, there Bulldozer cpu fails in so many ways, half-ased cores, power consumption off the scales, and in most cases dosent even beat and Intel i5-2500k

  • Someone who looks like a bulldozer, i.e has wide shoulders, head to small for his body, short stubbly legs and a baby face.


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