• A Small woodland creature... very nice ass, strange, scared, and amazing

  • To Racoon: to dig through a pile of trash or disgusting mess to find something important

    Racooning: to sift or soft through a giant nasty mess

  • person from india or with indian ancestry,thiss common say between french-americans,raccoon is a nickname given to this indian people due to their more darker skin around their eyes wish assimilate them to raccons whom also have this characteristic

  • a word used by some as a reference to sex.

    • A type of woman similar to a Cougar. the difference between the two is the cougar will pick out the best. the Racoon will seek her male from the pile the cougar rejected.

  • an exausting yet pleasurful sexual experience... a racoon is when you place your fist into a girls face giving her a black eye, then you agressivly place her into a dumpster where she will rummage around looking like a racoon diging for food.

  • To punch a women in her left eye during intercourse, followed by ejaculating on her face, then proceeding to punch her right eye.

    Also said COON

  • Someone either a girl/boy who you could imagine rummaging around in dumpsters looking for food. They are usually dirty or the type of person you wouldnt touch with a bargepole.


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