• An insult to a person who is very white.. listens to no rap, listens to country, rock, and ..... other white.. stuff....

  • To throw up after drinking

  • a fish that lives in the water likes to get wet

  • Sometimes spelled [whitie], a whity is used in urban areas to describe a white person with no distinct nationality from the suburbs. They usually sport [blowout] haircuts, and expensive clothing which they wear with little essence of styling other than what they saw on the manicines in [Abercombie and Fitch].

    They only come to urban parties for two reasons... drugs (usually [cocaine] or [oxycontin]) or girls. Because they rarely know anyone else at the party, youll observe that more often than not theyll mess with the people nobody fucks with, including drug dealers, and the gang banging type.

  • to brack dance and smoke marijuana


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