• The period including the four Sundays before Christmas. AdventSunday (Eccl.), the first Sunday in the season of Advent, beingalways the nearest Sunday to the feast of St. Andrew (Now. 30).Shipley.

    Advent meaning & definition 1 of Advent.

  • Advent (Noun)

    1. The coming

    Used at points of climax, usually during [secks]. For the purpose of .. informing your partner, friends, co-workers, teachers/students, parents,

    Advent meaning & definition 2 of Advent.

  • n. - One of the top progressive guilds of the [World of Warcraft] server [Tichondrius]from 2005-2006.

    Made legendary by the leader [Shaunconnery] and his [Thunderfury] (begotten him by his brethren [Silrani] in the latter times of Advent's peak), Advent was well-respected and considered to be one of the [chill]est guilds on the server.

    Advent meaning & definition 3 of Advent.

  • @sarah lol

    Advent meaning & definition 4 of Advent.

  • @sarah lol I remember Silrani...Shaunconnery was my arena partner...we got glad together in TBC.

    Advent meaning & definition 5 of Advent.

  • The arrival of a notable person or thing.

    Advent meaning & definition 6 of Advent.

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