• n. the sexual attraction to both genders, opposite and the same.

    A [bisexual] is someone who exhibits bisexuality.

    Bisexuality is one of the more commonly misunderstood of all sexualities, next to [transsexuality]. Some of the most common misconceptions is that it is a passing phase, whether into [homosexuality] (being gay) or from that into [heterosexuality] (being straight). Most often bisexual people are considered confused, and wierd, and many misinformed people are convinced that one can only be gay or straight.

  • The state of being sexually attracted to both males and females, regardless of your own gender.

  • the gift of nature to love both genders indiscriminately

  • When somebody is attracted to people of both sexes. Yes, some people claim to be bisexual for attention, but there are many people who are genuinely bi. Im not sure why people dont think bisexuality exists when it clearly does (its well-established).

  • The attraction to 1) people with the same gender and 2) people of other genders. This is often confused with [pansexuality], but bisexuals are often differentiated by things like having different tastes in one gender vs. others (e.g. being a woman who likes loud women, but quiet men) or not being attracted to all genders (e.g. being a man who likes people who are agender, bigender, and other men, but not being attracted to women).

  • Sometning That multiplies your chance for a datę on Saturday night.

  • The quality or characteristic of being sexually attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender.


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