• Able to convert ones thoughts and emotions into words. Those who are articulate can use large, higher-level words in their sentences without making a conscious effort to do so.

  • (N.) What about two-thirds of the people on this website are not. Most of them (High-Schoolers) still read at a 3rd Grade level.

  • (a) a term largely used by white beer sluts.
    lucid, expressive, well hung

  • (adj) Well-spoken, possessing a talent for lucid and effortless speech.

    A secret racial slur against blacks. When a black person delivers an impressive speech, interview, or story and is complimented as articulate, their temper will boil on sight. The tenuous implication being, you were surprised they could even speak.

  • A big word that fills space in a sentence when one doesnt really know what he or she is talking about, i.e. an excuse for sounding dumb when trying to sound smart. Heard most often in art schools or cinema study classes.

  • Having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.


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