• A popular punk venue in Kingston, Pennsylvania until around 2008. Backstage has hosted bands such as Agnostic Front, Cold As Life, Goatwhore, High On Fire, Madball, Regurgitate, Unearth as well as other nationally known metal, hardcore, punk, and pop punk acts.

  • A word in an extensive vocabulary of theatre terms standing in for sexual terms meaning asshole.

  • In Disney theme parks, this is the area where [guest]s are not allowed, tucked away behind indescript doors and curtains. In reality, these areas are usually quite ugly, disgusting, and very unkempt. This is also where you see many a cast member doing what they normally are not allowed to do [onstage]: eat, drink, smoke, use the restroom, talk on their cell phones, talk about their personal lives, be unfriendly.

    See also: [cast member], [guest], [Fastpass], [onstage], [lead]

  • In or to the area behind the stage in a theatre, especially the wings or dressing rooms.


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