• A hoopster is an adolescent who sports the trendy nba retro basketball jerseys, for example: Carl Malone, Chris Mullin, Reggie Miller, etc. as a part of their hipster lifestyle. Hoops Hipster = Hoopster

  • Somebody who wears a retro basketball jersey in attempts of being ironic. This term is a branch of the original term, Hipster.

  • A term police use to identify a herion user.

  • Girls (mostly hipsters) who take up hoola-hooping or hooping as a serious form of exercise, socialization, and popularity. They will follow hooping as a fad and hoop whenever there is a camera present, or when other hoopsters are hooping in public to show other people that they hoop. Overly sensitive and defensive when anyone other than them mentions the subject in a non-glamorous light.

  • sneaky synonym for a whore. Possibly derived from the hoop earrings that hookers are known to wear.


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