• Someone who only likes a band because they think one or more of the members is good-looking. These re very unpopular among hardcore fans.

  • someone (usually a young girl) who likes a band because it is the in thing to do or because she finds one or more of the band members to be hott.

  • I do not like teenies. They think that they are cool because they listen to Good Charlotte and people like that. This makes most people think that anyone who listens to GoodCharlotte is a teeny. This however is not true. I am a true GoodCharlotte fan and I hate that teenies spoil GCs repretation. I owe my life to Good Charlotte as they convinced me not to commit suicide. I am glad that I am here today to defend their reputation from teenies. Please do not think that Good Charlotte is a teeny band that encourages teenyboppers, this is not true, they are wonderful people who are being given a bad reputation because of all the teenies out there.

  • Small, tiny, almost invisible

  • girl/woman- unique sense of humor; beautiful smile; caring; loveable

    1. Anyone who thinks that they are cool because they follow the most vague and popular fashions they perceive older kids as being into. May also try desperately to fit into a cliched clique, usually either punk, goth, emo, or ghetto but not always. often these are aged 12-14

    2. Anyone who listens to certain bands because they want to fit into a clique, or because they think one member is omg sohott!!

    3. young teenagers who constantly overuse common teenage cliches and/or stereotypes such as omg this bands lyrics saved me from suicide, or omg my facist parents cut my allowence by two dollars!!. usually they imagine problems they would never know the half of living in upper middle class america.

    4. Any teen who actually enjoys overplayed pop music like the backstreet boys, britney spears, hanna montanna, and yes even you avril fans

    5. Anyone who overuses outdated or overused slang or talks on the internet in so called l33t talk.

  • Tiny.


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