• A Maile (my-ley) is a gorgeous female. An exotic beauty attractive to both men and women.

  • Maile is a stunning and beautiful girl with an equally beautiful personality. Maile has a zest for life and can light up a room with her smile. She isn’t afraid to make a silly face and just go with it. She looks amazing when she puts on makeup and yet she looks just as beautiful without it. She is funny, intelligent, passionate, and is open about her feelings. Seeing Maile interact with others is very special as her positivity and happiness reflects onto those she makes a genuine connection with. She knows that we aren’t always accepted for who we are and as a result, she fully accepts others. She makes you feel comfortable with yourself and yet she gives you those nervous butterfly feelings that make you flustered in a good way. She is all about family and she knows who she is and what’s important to her. She has dreams and aspirations and wants to share them with the world. She knows the difference between right and wrong and has strong values. Ultimately, everyone likes Maile. She is so sweet that you will feel happy just spending time with her. She has great taste in ice cream and she frequents Cold Stone. She cleverly picks emoji’s and partakes in memorable inside jokes. Maile is in simple terms, refreshing. She thinks about the future but hones in on the moment. One would admire her outlook on life, her worldliness, and her ability to lighten the mood, be herself, and laugh. When you hear a cute giggle nearby, you will know Maile is just around the corner.

  • The paradoxical point found in between True and False. This state cannot be proved, disproved, or categorized in any way.

  • a beautiful girl, a stunning female

  • Maile (pronounced MY-lĕ) = a flowering plant, typically sweet smelling, native

  • The most beautiful woman you will ever meet. She is beautiful, funny,and caring. She will help out if needed,whether its by making jokes or just being there, you cant help but feel better if shes around. Her smile lights up the darkest of rooms. Overall just perfect and unforgettable

  • A rare form of naked mole-rat only found in awkward situations in the cafeteria.

  • A Hawaiian climbing shrub, Alyxia oliviformis (family Apocynaceae), which has yellowish flowers and fragrant, glossy leaves that are used locally to make garlands and for decoration.


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