• To laugh with short catches of the breath or voice; to laugh ina light, affected, or silly manner; to titter with childish levity.Giggling and laughing with all their might At the piteous hap of thefairy wight. J. R. Drake.

    Giggle meaning & definition 1 of Giggle.

  • to laugh in a really cute bubbly manner

    Giggle meaning & definition 2 of Giggle.

  • what a girl lets out when she sees your small penis

    Giggle meaning & definition 3 of Giggle.

  • A group of [white girls].

    Coined by YouTuber [Jacksfilms] in his internet show [Jackask], on episode #20.

    Giggle meaning & definition 4 of Giggle.

  • a [polite] [term] for [jizz].

    Giggle meaning & definition 5 of Giggle.

  • A giggle is a [vibrating] smile, not [laughter] [at all]

    Giggle meaning & definition 6 of Giggle.

    -2 cups of Laughter
    -1/[2 cup] of shrieking
    -1 [tsp] of yelling
    -3 cups of awkwardness
    -2/[2 cups] of stupidity

    Giggle meaning & definition 7 of Giggle.

  • A slang term for ejaculate or ejaculating. AKA [Chuz], [Sass], sperm, jizz, [spluge], etc.

    Giggle meaning & definition 8 of Giggle.

  • When you hook up with someone just to have a little fun, nothing serious. Sometimes used [in a bad way] from the person who was hoping it was more then just a hook up. Used in [the Who] movie [quadrophenia] so my guess its of British origin

    Giggle meaning & definition 9 of Giggle.

  • noun - a group of girls. [more than three], but [less than] [ten].

    Giggle meaning & definition 10 of Giggle.

  • Laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way, from amusement, nervousness, or embarrassment.

    Giggle meaning & definition 11 of Giggle.

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