• The young, either larva or pupa, of the mosquito; --
    called also wiggletail.

  • A gentleman who has unfortunately found himself in the grasp of a [bull queer]. Unknown to the wiggler his frantic wiggling is merely increasing the bull queers excitement, this in turn causes him to pound his engorged manhood into the wiggler with an ever increasing frequency.

    Wigglers are usually small and pasty individuals who omit a high pitched squeal when penetrated.

  • A welfare recipient who is too lazy to get off their ass and get a real job. Their lawns are used for demolition derby and their lawn gnomes are broken down piece of junk cars that will be there forever.
    A wiggler is a gross person. They do not bath as often as they should.
    They are one step below redneck. They raise kids thinking it is acceptable to engage in inter-family relationships and at times encourage it.
    They will go to Wal-mart and spend their monthly welfare check on junk and things they can not afford. They will complain that is too much for one thing and then spend on a steak. They buy the steak instead of using the money for something useful.
    They think they are better than everyone and hold themselves higher than everyone. They do no wrong and are hard to stand.
    Wigglers pop out babies like it is nobodies business. They get knocked up or knock someone up as teenagers and think it is a privilege. They have multiple kids with multiple partners and are proud. Then when it comes to raising them....they dont.

  • To rapidly press and depress the whammy bar or tremolo bar while rocking out on (a preferably plastic) guitar.

    In real life generates o0o0os and aaaaahs.
    In guitar hero, generates more points.

  • V. To engage in suprise butt sex. (To insert erectile quickly and sneakily into the unsuspecting anal cavity of an individual)

  • another name for a penis.

  • A Life/verbal/written evader. Someone who weasels out of certain situations to keep the upper hand.

  • Inserting one’s big toe into the anal or vaginal opening on another, and moving it back and forth at a rapid pace.

  • A wiggler is kind of like a [flapper], except that she has been rammed SO much that instead of her pussy flapping, it just wiggles, the lips dont even touch.

  • The white worms that come out your arse and make you itch


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