• The block or strip of wood or similar material which stops, atthe right place, the shutting of a door.

    Doorstop meaning & definition 1 of Doorstop.

  • The act of aiding another male prisoner in a Forced Rape Scenario (FRS) by placing your foot on the back of the rapee's neck and holding him down in an act of courtesy, much like holding a door open for someone.

    Doorstop meaning & definition 2 of Doorstop.

  • When a person holds the door for somebody and a load of people come through and he feels like he can't leave

    Doorstop meaning & definition 3 of Doorstop.

  • A sexual term for pleasure in the genital or rectal area.

    Doorstop meaning & definition 4 of Doorstop.

  • a heavy object that is used to keep a door open

    Doorstop meaning & definition 5 of Doorstop.

  • A fixed or heavy object that keeps a door open or stops it from banging against a wall.

    Doorstop meaning & definition 6 of Doorstop.

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