• Out of the neighborhood of; lessening or losing proximity to;leaving behind; by reason of; out of; by aid of; -- used wheneverdeparture, setting out, commencement of action, being, state,occurrence, etc., or procedure, emanation, absence, separation, etc.,are to be expressed. It is construed with, and indicates, the pointof space or time at which the action, state, etc., are regarded assetting out or beginning; also, less frequently, the source, thecause, the occasion, out of which anything proceeds; -- thearitithesis and correlative of to; as, it, is one hundred miles fromBoston to Springfield; he took his sword from his side; lightproceeds from the sun; separate the coarse wool from the fine; menhave all sprung from Adam, and often go from good to bad, and frombad to worse; the merit of an action depends on the principle fromwhich it proceeds; men judge of facts from personal knowledge, orfrom testimony.Experience from the time past to the time present. Bacon.The song began from Jove. Drpden.From high Mæonia's rocky shores I came. Addison.If the wind blow any way from shore. Shak.


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