• A letter containing professions of love, or a missive of
    a sentimental, comic, or burlesque character, sent on St. Valentines

  • What you call the boy/girl your temporarily dating for Valentines Day. Something invented to make the rest of us single people feel like lonely shit.

  • A valentine is a person that you want to spend every day with, especially valentines day. If you dont spend valentines day with your valentine (for example, if it was your sisters birthday and you were forced to go see her and not the girl that you really wanted to see) you would be a wreck trying to find ways to apologise to that special someone and trying to think of exactly what would be the right thing to say. Then you might end up doing something strange like posting something on a website at 4 in the morning to try to show that person you care. Then after reading what you put on the website, that person may think youre completely insane and never talk to you again. Or they could make your day. Well see what happens.

  • A person who is absolutely wonderful and makes your life better just by being a part of it. Someone who makes you happy. Someone you care about and know you can count on. Someone who likes you no matter how silly or weird you are.

  • Spending a day with someone because the person you want isnt available. A day to remind everyone of those you cant have, or gave up.

  • A card sent to a loved one to express ones love on February 14th.

  • A boyfriend/girlfriend that you have for only one day: Valentines Day.

    In other words, its the socially acceptable one-night stand.

  • Literally giving your heart to someone for one day in February... if they accept, they are known as a Valentine.

    There are several different ways to ask:

    1. The Grade School Method - Will you be my Valentine? Check [YES] [NO] or [MAYBE]
    2. The Charlie Brown Method - Creating a hand crafted and laced heart shaped Valentines Day card to the one you love
    3. The Tiffany Method - Utilizing a popular public website to give your heart away. see example

  • The New Years resolutioners that join a gym or healthclub in January, hog the shower and weight machines...and then will stop working out by Valentines Day.


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