• A mineral consisting of the carbonate of lime and magnesia invarying proportions. It occurs in distinct crystals, and in extensivebeds as a compact limestone, often crystalline granular, either whiteor clouded. It includes much of the common white marble. Also calledbitter spar.

    Dolomite meaning & definition 1 of Dolomite.

  • The human tornado. Dolomite is quite possibly one of the better/more stereotypical characters to come out of the 70's genre of [blacksploitation] films. Part pimp, part crime fighting/crimemaking super hero, Dolomite cannot be killed by conventional weapons- ala Keith Richards.
    Not to be confused with [Shaft], [Super Fly] or any other mere mortal black actors. Played so elequently by Rudy Ray Moore, Dolomite will [bust a cap] in yo ass, run from the [honky] ass po-lice and otherwise find sick ways of killing you, maiming you and fucking yo' [bitch.]

    Dolomite meaning & definition 2 of Dolomite.

    1. the illest weed on the planet

    2. the illest pussy on the planet

    Dolomite meaning & definition 3 of Dolomite.

  • Dolomite is someone who is very cool and together, says the right thing at the right time, good with the ladies, money to spend. A man of of the world.

    Dolomite meaning & definition 4 of Dolomite.

  • adjective: The female equivalent of the dolomite described above.
    The cool, together, clued in woman who does and says the right thing at the right time and makes a great impression.

    A gem of a girl.

    noun: The alpha female in the room

    Dolomite meaning & definition 5 of Dolomite.

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