• A dipterous insect of the family (Estridæ, of many differentspecies, some of which are particularly troublesome to domesticanimals, as the horse, ox, and sheep, on which they deposit theireggs. A common species is one of the botflies of the horse(Gastrophilus equi), the larvæ of which (bots) are taken into thestomach of the animal, where they live several months and passthrough their larval states. In tropical America one speciessometimes lives under the human skin, and another in the stomach. SeeGadfly.

    Botfly meaning & definition 1 of Botfly.

  • A person that is noob-like, or no good. Worse than [a bot]. Most commonly used in [online gaming] [banter]. Botflies do not belong in the gaming world.

    Botfly meaning & definition 2 of Botfly.

  • A stout hairy-bodied fly with larvae that are internal parasites of mammals.

    Botfly meaning & definition 3 of Botfly.

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