• Of or pertaining to heat; due to heat; thermal; as, thermiclines. Thermic balance. See Bolometer.-- Thermic fever (Med.), the condition of fever produced bysunstroke. See Sunstroke.-- Thermic weight. (Mech.) Same as Heat weight, under Heat.

    Thermic meaning & definition 1 of Thermic.

  • A repulsive or disgusted feeling resulting from a change in temperature. Formed by combining the words Thermal and icky. Alternatively spelled “Thermick”

    Thermic meaning & definition 2 of Thermic.

  • thermic: word usually used to described a hot, attractive, or good looking person.
    thermic relates to temperature which indicates how one may be described as hot. in addition if a relationship between two people is thermic then chemistry and heat between the two people is clearly evident.

    Thermic meaning & definition 3 of Thermic.

  • an [adjective] [meaning] of, or relating to, heat.
    This is the [actual definition].

    Thermic meaning & definition 4 of Thermic.

  • Relating to heat.

    Thermic meaning & definition 5 of Thermic.

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