• A mercantile establishment or factory for foreign trade inChina, as formerly at Canton; a succession of offices connected by acommon passage and used for business or storage. Hong merchant, oneof the few Chinese merchants who, previous to the treaty of 1842,formed a guild which had the exclusive privilege of trading withforeigners.

  • somone that is brave, trustful, no fear, very loyal and would never backstab. Either you are smart or very skilled in fighting.

  • to own, owned, ownage

  • Hong's are very beautiful, intelligent, cute, and love to eat. they are very unique and hard to find in life. They have a smile that could light up your world. they are really honest with you so dont get hurt. They have one of the most beautiful laughs you could ever expect, one you could listen to day after day without it getting annoying. Hong's are hard to aprouch cause they are the spliting image of the word beautiful.

  • A hong is a friend that provides wingman services and other bro like technicalities. Hongs are the best kind of pals to each other.

  • to have sexual relations, ranging from simple fondling to full on intercourse with a woman, while she is puking from drinking exorbitant amounts of alcohol.