• The quality or state of being stupid; extreme dullness
    of perception or understanding; insensibility; sluggishness.

  • See George W. Bush

  • N. A very common and largely ignored affliction. Approximately 97% of all people suffer from it. They can be split into two fairly equal halves: Democrats and Republicans.

  • The perpetual trademark of our species. The random and unpredictable state of mind that causes and governs [wars], unwanted pregnancies, political actions, [divorce]s, [ripoff]s, [reality TV] shows, copycat crimes, [cult]s, self-injury, and [lawsuit]s.
    Since the stupid in our midst are breeding uncontrollably while the intelligent minority are dying out, one can easily predict that our stupidity will far outpace our technological progress within a few decades, and propel us back to the [Stone Age] or extinction with in a few centuries.

  • Lack of intelligence. The most common thing known to man, followed far behind by hydrogen atoms.

  • A very dangerous, usually fatal disease in which a person becomes stupid.

  • A state of mind often attributed to those unable to string together coherent sentences ( president...). Frequently blamed on such things as TV.

    An important question is, How those who blame stupidity on TV actually know how it causes stupidity if they dont watch it?

  • Stupidity is knowing better but doing something anyways. Not to be confused with [ignorance].

    1. It is one of natures many genetic filtration methods, along with bravery, curiosity, carelessness, as well as bad luck, and fate. The human species is better off when the filters clean out the carrier before the gene can be passed on to another generation.
    2. The most abundant element in the known universe, followed by carbon.
    3. A condition most deny having until witnessed demonstrating the affliction in view of others,

  • running downstairs on christmas morning, then realising your jewish.

  • If It were a mortal, infectious disease, there wouldnt be such things as humans right now.