• The science of the human soul; specifically, the systematic orscientific knowledge of the powers and functions of the human soul,so far as they are known by consciousness; a treatise on the humansoul.Psychology, the science conversant about the phenomena of the mind,or conscious subject, or self. Sir W. Hamilton.

    Psychology meaning & definition 1 of Psychology.

  • Psychology is everyone's major at some point during their college career.

    Psychology meaning & definition 2 of Psychology.

  • The study of human thought and behaviour. A social scientific subject which can trace its origins back to ancient Greece.

    Psychology meaning & definition 3 of Psychology.

  • It's an interesting class to take for a semester, but anyone that majors in it is really just trying to figure themselves out. All the people with psych degrees are usually the most messed up, they think the more they learn the more they might figure out their own problems. Then they graduate, and tell other people whats wrong with them...it's healthy, I swear

    Psychology meaning & definition 4 of Psychology.

  • The section of Borders bookstore where all the porn is hidden, believe it or not.

    Psychology meaning & definition 5 of Psychology.

  • The practice of taking things we already know about people, and weighing it down with [jargon] until the only other people who understand it are [psychologists].

    Psychology meaning & definition 6 of Psychology.

  • An interesting discipline no doubt, but not without its share of problems. For more on those, see [psychologist].

    Psychology meaning & definition 7 of Psychology.

  • Mostly bullshit. Every time someone attempts to psychoanalyse me, they fail miserably.

    Psychology meaning & definition 8 of Psychology.

  • is generally defined as the science of behavior and mental processes and the application of the resulting findings to the solution of problems.
    The word thus simultaneously refers to a science (involving the study of the behavior of humans and animals) and to various interventions (treatments and therapies) in the mental processes and behavioral patterns of people. It is a branch of science that studies the cognitive, perceptual, and behavioural characteristics of human beings. The how

    Psychology meaning & definition 9 of Psychology.

  • A religion that has risen up in the past century to define proper

    Psychology meaning & definition 10 of Psychology.

  • A degree you can get on [Wikipedia], but many choose to pay ,000 a year to earn a worthless degree from Mediocre State University.

    Psychology meaning & definition 11 of Psychology.

  • The [discipline] that everyone swears they know about simply because they took an [intro] class which barely covers the other areas of the discipline or watch [Dr. Phil].

    Psychology meaning & definition 12 of Psychology.

  • The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context.

    Psychology meaning & definition 13 of Psychology.

  • An outdated and mostly useless methodology which is entirely based on the mistaken belief that individuals’ chronic negative emotions are legitimate. They are not. Labeling those states as ‘depression’, ‘OCD’, or anything else only makes the situation worse. In reality they are nothing but bad habits learned in childhood. Listening to someone drone on and on about some unhappiness they experience chronically is not helpful. Instead it is enabling and reinforcing.
    It is true that someone can have an isolated situation that results in genuine unhappiness, but any chronic negative emotion is not real. This is what should be explained to individuals with the bad luck (which is most people to some degree) to have this dysfunction. If they understood it was a bad habit perpetuated by [feel-think] they could, instead practice [think-feel] and, let it go. Of course they would have to be willing to give up the second-hand love they get from others who perpetually offer them some sort of [payoff] for being unhappy. Anyone who reads this, is able to get it, and actually wants to get better should read “[Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation]: The Next Step in the Evolution of Human Conscious” by James LaFerla for a description of specific techniques to use.

    Psychology meaning & definition 14 of Psychology.

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