• The act of talking to ones self; a discourse made by
    one in solitude to ones self; monologue.

    1. a. A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts without addressing a listener.
      b. A specific speech or piece of writing in this form of discourse.

    2. The act of speaking to oneself.

    [Late Latin sôliloquium : Latin sôlus, alone Latin loquî, to speak.]

  • basically, a [monologue].

    its sorta like the character is talking to himself, or the character is talking to the audience but not looking for comment/answers to his statements

  • The name of a dramatic, emo, stoner bitch who has no sense of humanly respect or thanks for anyone around her. Usually, girls with this name have hippie parents and a lot of deep rooted mental issues that affect everyone around her and her social standing. Also, people with these attributes have no real sense of self worth and will therefore shallowly latch to anything that shows it affection. If encountered in the wild, KILL IMMEDIATELY; two bullets in the head, one in the heart, and thirty-nine in the weed bag will usually do the trick. If not killed the wild Soliloquy will latch to you and use you in anyway she sees fit. 2/10 would not bang.

  • To muse aloud.

  • Something that gets your juices flowing and gets the elderly horny.

  • is to demonstrate extreme sexual attractiveness (usually associated with beasts of war). To date, the most soliloquyed guy is Karna Pandya, who is so [email protected]# sexy it cant be written in several webster dictionaries!