• The act of one who, or that which, shaves; specifically,
    the act of cutting off the beard with a razor.

  • The process of dragging a sharp metal blade across the face or legs to raise unwanted hair cells from the surface of the body and slice them off, often causing blood loss, pain and the possible need for small pieces of toilet paper to be attached to the face.

    Shaving is carried out as a matter of comfort (men) or to conform to societies rules of attractiveness (women).

  • Shaving friends refers to removing friends that you had previously accepted as a friend from your Facebook, Twitter, Etc. Page ... after theyve had a chance to noisy around your page - you shave them off a few weeks later (and they dont get notice of it)

  • 1.)Having an exceptionally crazy good time; joking with friends, often but not necessarily under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Originates from the city of Zagreb in Croatia.

    2.)Occupying oneself intensely with something in a positive or pleasurable way.


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