• A constables prison; a lockup, watch-house, or station

  • What Chuck Norris does to your face before you die.

    1. In boxing/martial arts: any knee, elbow, forearm, foot, or hand/fist technique that connects from a relatively circular arc. The hidden power of the techniques is typically the hip rotation. Some styles emphasize more snap of the knee than others, but the hips generate the most stopping power from a physics equation alone. In this acceleration of rotary momentum, the technique is said to have its greatest strength. Other joints may assist in the rotation from style to style, but generally dont due to telegraphing the technique. There are some techniques with a reverse principle in mind; even named as such (ei reverse-roundhouse kick, and otherwise known as hook kick).

    2. In video games (commonly fighting game genre), the strongest of the characters kicks. (weak kick, strong kick, ROUNDHOUSE kick -- from a six-button mindset).

    3. A house (residential building) without any corners.

  • A punch (or sometimes kick) where the individual swings his fist across their side to build momentum. Usually used by those who dont know shit about fistfighting, or when an opponent is being held by another. Very easily dodged.

  • Roundhouse is a word created by in Eden Prairie which is the act of getting many males to circle around a female who then gives them head in order, therefore creating a roundhouse. This can also mean anything sexual.

  • a spherical house

  • A way of threatening someone close to you.

  • one possesing [unibrow] and stunning, gremlin like looks.


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