• An unburnt brick dried in the sun; also used as an adjective,as, an adobe house, in Texas or New Mexico.

    Adobe meaning & definition 1 of Adobe.

  • A computer software company that specializes in making bloated, slow, and pathetically overpriced software, especially for graphics. Some software titles include:

    Photoshop: A powerful, but slow, poorly designed and made, and too overpriced for anyone to really consider buying. Download it.

    Acrobat: A standard Adobe is trying to force on everyone. A slow, bulky, and pathetic program. Many OTHER programs let you create PDF's for free.

    Adobe meaning & definition 2 of Adobe.

  • (slang) Spanish term for human excrement. This is probably derived from the fact that the word also can signify mud (as in, a mixture of dirt and water), thus creating the clever wordplay.

    Adobe meaning & definition 3 of Adobe.

    1. A slang term used to refer to short homosexual Asian men.

    Adobe meaning & definition 4 of Adobe.

  • The company that make software so overpriced it's pathetic. Examples include:


    Flash: ( for pro version)

    Thank god for torrents.

    Adobe meaning & definition 5 of Adobe.

  • An Adobe is when a person uses their fecal matter as lube when giving a hand job.

    Adobe meaning & definition 6 of Adobe.

  • Something you won't find in [Nairobi].

    Adobe meaning & definition 7 of Adobe.

  • This is an adjective to describe an attractive girl. This term originates from Adobe's .pdf file, as a girl described as Adobe is generally Pretty Damn Fine.

    Adobe meaning & definition 8 of Adobe.

  • the little car that's made out of clay.

    Adobe meaning & definition 9 of Adobe.

  • A kind of clay used as a building material.

    Adobe meaning & definition 10 of Adobe.

  • a mixture of earth and straw made into bricks and dried in the sun, used to build houses in some parts of the world:

    Adobe meaning & definition 11 of Adobe.

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