• The act or practice of prostituting or offering the
    body to an indiscriminate intercourse with men; common lewdness of a

    Prostitution meaning & definition 1 of Prostitution.

  • [THe worlds] [oldest] and most [successful] profession.

    Prostitution meaning & definition 2 of Prostitution.

  • The act of paying money for the sexual [favors] of a member of the opposite sex or the same sex.
    It is illegal in most of [the USA] unless you film it or photogragh it, then its art, its legal, and its an [billion] dollar a year industry.

    Prostitution meaning & definition 3 of Prostitution.

  • The illegal act of paying for sex, although its legally committed many times in dating. Guy pays for dinner, pays for the movie, girl is [flattered] by guys generosity, so she gives him some ass at the end of the night, which is exactly what he was hoping to get in return for the money he [shelled] out and why he took her out to begin with. Why its illegal to just give the girl the money straight up to fuck him that he wouldve spent on the date anyway is [beyond me].

    Prostitution meaning & definition 4 of Prostitution.

  • how [dreams] are [made].

    Prostitution meaning & definition 5 of Prostitution.

  • The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

    Prostitution meaning & definition 6 of Prostitution.

  • Only thing [better than] [porn] if you dont have [a girlfriend].

    Prostitution meaning & definition 7 of Prostitution.

  • n: The most [honest] [transaction] that ever takes place between [men] and women.

    Prostitution meaning & definition 8 of Prostitution.

  • the work of a prostitute:

    Prostitution meaning & definition 9 of Prostitution.

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