• The act of touching the football down behind the opponents'goal . Safety touchdown. See under Safety.

    Touchdown meaning & definition 1 of Touchdown.

  • A term used in online computer gaming to signify one or more kills with a grenade. Mainly applied to first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike.

    Touchdown meaning & definition 2 of Touchdown.

  • 1: When an aircraft or other vehicle capable of flight touches the surface of a planet after a period of flight. also: [Landed]
    2: When a football player puts a football onto the ground inside the scoring area while still holding the ball, scoring some points after having avoided being tackled or having the ball stolen from him from a member of the other team.

    Touchdown meaning & definition 3 of Touchdown.

  • When you lay down a brick so long it touches the toilet/water at the same time it touches your ass, and makes kindof a connection, like a touchdown.

    Touchdown meaning & definition 4 of Touchdown.

  • when a nigga ain't all-the-way retarded, just got a touch of Down's

    Touchdown meaning & definition 5 of Touchdown.

  • Touchdown meaning & definition 6 of Touchdown.

  • A fruity cocktail consisting of the following:

    Two parts diet [orange soda]
    Two parts diet ginger ale
    One part [pink lemonade] vodka
    Half a part [lime juice]

    Touchdown meaning & definition 7 of Touchdown.

  • When a guy comes all over [the face] of his girlfriend while shes [inebriated], when she wouldnt usually [allow it].

    Touchdown meaning & definition 8 of Touchdown.

  • Expression often used by men when they [reach] an [orgasm] during [sexual intercourse].

    Touchdown meaning & definition 9 of Touchdown.

  • Touchdown in Speedball. Made by a player who receives a forward pass when in the opposition end zone. They must be completely within the end zone and not be touching any boundary lines for a touchdown to be awarded.

    Touchdown meaning & definition 10 of Touchdown.

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