• A name given in the Sandwich Islands to lava having arelatively smooth surface, in distinction from the rough-surfacedlava, called a-a.

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 1 of Pahoehoe.

  • a pahoehoe is the creepy guy at parties who mixes drinks togther and stares at you [ALLL NIGHT] you may call him a creeper

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 2 of Pahoehoe.

  • Sexual Move: A person who has had pancakes put on their booty and then maple syrup poured all over to make a concoction that resembles lava erupting from a volcano.

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 3 of Pahoehoe.

  • Another name for a poor hooker

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 4 of Pahoehoe.

  • A person who is hot and knows it; although this arrogance should be unatrractive, it actually just makes him/her more attractive (based on the Hawaiian word for the hottest type of lava)

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 5 of Pahoehoe.

  • Just like a panini, except made with two hoes as a substitute for bread.

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 6 of Pahoehoe.

  • At the moment of climax during heterosexual copulation, the male ejaculates no more than 1 3/8 inches into the females vaginal orifice distal (the opening). When the male's ejaculate begins to exit the vaginal opening, the male inserts Pop

    Pahoehoe meaning & definition 7 of Pahoehoe.

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