• A kind of golf stick used to lift the ball out of holes,
    ruts, etc.

  • A golfers nine iron.

  • n.

    1. In golf, an outdated term for a sand wedge.


    1. To gently bite someone with your tongue in a sexual manner.

    2. An ambiguous sexual act.

  • To non-maliciously reveal the plot and give spoilers to a film, TV series, book, etc.

  • When your sexual partner does a sucking motion while using teeth on an unfairly thin area of skin on the body. This area of skin is usually the side of the scrotum, gooch, under the arm, or even inner thigh. This action may ONLY be referred to as a niblick if a visible red mark which does not disappear immediately is present. A perfect niblick is met with some degree of pain felt instant and afterward. Essentially, this is a more sexually charged hickey with more teeth, and a purpose.

    Disclaimer: I do not recommend being the recipient of a niblick, and the intentions of the giver may vary from inexperience, fun, kink, and/or spite.

  • v.

    Any sexual action done at an inappropriate time

    Barrett, could you pass me that book?
    Barrett: Screw that, lets niblick!

    All actions committed by Chingy, imaginative or otherwise

    Ms. Fine: Did I tell you that I voted for Eisenhower?
    Chingy: Did I tell you to stop niblicking? Now shut up and get back to work


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