• A tune, air, strain, or a whole piece, played by a singleperson on an instrument, or sung by a single voice.

    Solo meaning & definition 1 of Solo.

  • singal,only one person

    Solo meaning & definition 2 of Solo.

  • Porn film or part of a porn film in which an only actor or actress masturbates.

    Solo meaning & definition 3 of Solo.

    1. Itachi Uchiha.

    2. The ability to take something into one's own hands and finish the job.

    3. A tautology, that is Itachi Uchiha.

    4. king that derives from Mikoto.

    Solo meaning & definition 4 of Solo.

  • Han Solo: A smuggler and all that type of Correlian gangster stuff.

    Solo meaning & definition 5 of Solo.

  • (Internet usage, especially in games) To accomplish a task alone, especially winning by defeating multiple opponents. It is sometimes used to glorify the individual that accomplishes the task.

    (Internet usage) To defeat multiple opponents alone.

    Note: The term can also be used to refer to a very small group of individuals accomplishing the task. This is incorrect usage, but is sometimes accepted nonetheless, especially when used in order to emphasize huge numerical disadvantage.

    Solo meaning & definition 6 of Solo.

  • Suit off lift off

    Solo meaning & definition 7 of Solo.

    1. To be by one's self.

    2. The opposite of multiplayer. (singleplayer)

    3. To [masturbate].

    Solo meaning & definition 8 of Solo.

  • When a peson decides to take on the very sad and lonely road of being single or going

    Solo meaning & definition 9 of Solo.

  • Solo is a Norwegian Soda, quite popular and been for over 40 years. It relates to the soda Fanta, however the flavors are different.

    Solo meaning & definition 10 of Solo.

  • Special weapons division military project aimed at creating a cyborg killing machine designed to be an expendable attack soldier. The project was abandoned because of a failures at a programming level. The machine went a-wall in undisclosed South American jungles where it began to randomly attack men with big guns and stuff. Further developments in programming failures led to an expanded sense of ugly laughter and man love (the robot left his potential lover, Byagula, to go hold, caress, and man-love his affeminate male creator, and later Byagula's little brother). The Solo cyborg was allegedly destroyed fighting some guy with a big gun-hand thingy, and then the world fell apart or some shit. I dunno. I really stopped paying attention after that. My heart hurt in sadness for actually spending an hour watching this.

    Solo meaning & definition 11 of Solo.

  • The last name of the renowned [smuggler] [Han Solo]. [No one gives a fuck] about the rest of the definitions.

    Solo meaning & definition 12 of Solo.

  • For or done by one person alone; unaccompanied.

    Solo meaning & definition 13 of Solo.

  • Done by one person alone; unaccompanied.

    Solo meaning & definition 14 of Solo.

  • The beautiful business management app for creative freelancers. A software product by Thrive

    Solo meaning & definition 15 of Solo.

  • Solo or SOLO may refer to:

    Solo meaning & definition 16 of Solo.

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