• Citizens dress when worn by a naval or military officer; --
    a term derived from the British service in India.

  • A day at school when students come in without uniform.

  • arabic for Muslim legal scholar but also arabic slang for smart-ass or know it all ... kind of like calling someone poindexter or maybe sarcastically calling them professor

  • Noun - singular and plural

    Australian [slang] denoting any of several small and irritating breeds of [dog] such as the Pekingese, Shiatsu, and various long haired Miniature Terriers. Generally, the term mufti can be applied to any such animal that can be converted for use as a [mop] by the deft insertion of a [hockey] stick. Mufti are typically owned by middle aged women and have names like Mitzi, Muffy, Floppsy etc.

  • A Irish/scouse coloquialism refering to ones nose.

  • When you dig up a recently deceased person, put your mouth over their anus, and punch them in the stomach, to release the CO2 and other gases liberated during their bodys fermentation in order to get high.

  • A derogatory term used by rednecks to refer too some one of Arabic decent, usually a dirty turban wearing Muslim who often scratches his beard with the same hand he uses to wipe ass with.Often this act is then proceeded by going to a nightclub on the Gaza strip adorned with C-4 ultimately splattering himself into tiny particles whilst simultaneously killing anywhere from 50 to up wards of 200 drunken kikes who would have gotten laid that night if not for the said mufti. Also see wog, rag,raghead,sand nigger and terrorist.


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