• To make haste; to conclude an affair; to finish a matter ofbusiness.They have dispatched with Pompey. Shak.

    Dispatch meaning & definition 1 of Dispatch.

  • The greatest group ever, formed in 1996 by the former members of One Fell Swoop. A special breed of a tri-vocal

    Dispatch meaning & definition 2 of Dispatch.

  • An extremely great band who created excellent songs such as The

    Dispatch meaning & definition 3 of Dispatch.

  • Successful underground accoustic/funk rock trio. Sold over 200,000 albums nationwide on their independent label (Bomber Records).
    Brad Corrigan (Braddigan)- vocals, drums, guitar, percussion
    Chad Urmston (Chetro)- vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
    Pete (Francis) Heimbold- vocals, bass, guitar

    Dispatch meaning & definition 4 of Dispatch.

  • possibly the greatest band to have ever walked this earth. pete francis heimbold, (repete) chad urmston (chetro) and brad corrigan (braddigan)

    Dispatch meaning & definition 5 of Dispatch.

  • a) to answer 911 calls by sending police units... (dispatcher)
    b) to put to death, kill

    Dispatch meaning & definition 6 of Dispatch.

  • this patch

    Dispatch meaning & definition 7 of Dispatch.

  • Wanna-be-african band that is made of up guys who are trying to hard to be original. Mostly listened to by college and high school students who wear sandals alot.

    Dispatch meaning & definition 8 of Dispatch.

  • Send off to a destination or for a purpose.

    Dispatch meaning & definition 9 of Dispatch.

  • Peace of mind for you, your team, and your customer. A software product by Dispatch

    Dispatch meaning & definition 10 of Dispatch.

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