• To abash; to disconcert or be disconcerted or put out ofcountenance. [Obs.]His countenance was bold and bashed not. Spenser.

  • to masturbate furiously.

  • to through a party which is usually a spur of the moment thing.

  • a giant party

  • BASH - BASH Superceded 'sh', the original unix shell. BASH stands for Bourne Again Shell.

    Other shells:
    [ksh] (Korn Shell), [sh]- Original Shell. There are many others

  • Bash means to beat someone up. Punch, or fight with

  • v. To bash.
    The act of submitting one or more lines from an IRC conversation to the database.

  • Bash is a shortened version of the phrase bashed weed. Bashed weed or bash refers to herbal cannabis that has been sprayed with substance to make it weigh more.

    bash is a type of herbal canabis that users dislike as the sprayed on substance can make the canabis taste and smoke worse. It is hard to tell what the long term negitive effects of smoking bash are as there have been no scientific tests however users of bash have complained it can cause irritation to the lungs and throat.

  • verb. to [wank], or [masturbate].
    UK slang made famous by Nappa.

  • To verbally attack.

  • To repetitively do something until it is no longer fun. Can refer to any hobby, though often gaming. Can also refer to listening to a song so much that you get tired of it.

  • Bash, though typically not capitalized, is an acronym for Bourne-Again Shell and is named after Stephen Bourne, the creator of the Unix shell sh. It is a command language interpreter derived from sh that can execute commands entered at a command prompt and process text file input.

    Bash (bash) supports all the commands of the original Bourne shell (sh), as well as many others. It also includes features from the Korn shell (ksh) and C shell (csh), such as command line editing, command substitution syntax, and command history. Bash also supports brace expansion, which is used to generate related text strings. This operation provides an efficient way to search for filenames and rename multiple files. Newer versions of Bash support regular expressions (Bash 3.0) and associative arrays (Bash 4.0).

    Bash was originally developed by Brian Fox for the GNU Project and was released in 1989. The bash shell was initially distributed with the GNU operating system and later became the default shell for multiple Linux distributions and Mac OS X. Recent versions of Bash (versions 3 and 4) were developed by Chet Ramey and are currently published by the Free Software Foundation, the same organization that distributes the GNU operating system.


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