• One who, or that which, repeats. Specifically:(a) A watch with a striking apparatus which, upon pressure of aspring, will indicate the time, usually in hours and quarters.(b) A repeating firearm.(c) (Teleg.) An instrument for resending a telegraphic messageautomatically at an intermediate point.(d) A person who votes more than once at an election. U.S. See Circulating decimal, under Decimal.(f) (Naut.) A pennant used to indicate that a certain flag in a hoistof signal is duplicated. Ham. Nav. Encyc.

  • A repeater is an electronic device that relays a transmitted signal. It receives a signal on a specific frequency, then amplifies and rebroadcasts it. By amplifying the signal, a repeater increases the transmission range of the original signal.

    Repeaters have many applications, but in computing they are most commonly used in wireless networks. For example, a Wi-Fi network in a large home may benefit from using one or more repeaters to relay the signal to different areas of the house. Homes that have brick walls or cement floors may also benefit from having a repeater relay the signal around the obstacle. Businesses often use a series of repeaters to create a single wireless network within a large building.

    While repeaters all serve the same purpose, they come in many forms. Some wireless devices, often called range extenders are designed to be used specifically as repeaters. Other devices, such as hubs, switches, and routers can all be configured as repeaters using a software utility or web interface that controls the wireless device.

    NOTE: Since repeaters only relay an incoming signal, using a router as a repeater does not make use of its signal routing capability. Therefore, it make more sense to use a range extender as a repeater if possible.

    1. A device that receives, amplifies (and sometimes reshapes), and retransmits a signal. It is used to boost signal levels and extend the distance a signal can be transmitted. In radio terms, the signal is usally recieved on a input frequency and then retransmitted on a different frequency (output or direct).

    2. A network device that repeats signals from one cable onto one or more other cables, while restoring signal timing and waveforms. Repeaters are the most common way to connect local networks together, and can provide either Thinwire or Thickwire connections. They are commonly used to create larger local networks up to a certain limit based on the number of repeaters and the length of the cables.

    3. A device inserted at intervals along a circuit to boost, and amplify an analog signal being transmitted. A repeater is sometimes needed because the quality and strength of a signal decays over distance. Repeaters are also used to regenerate a digital signal - squaring it and cleaning it up - but not changing it. You can regenerate digital signals because technology exists that can separate the actual signal from the noise, regenerating only the signal. No technology exists that can do this with analog signals. The simplest type of LAN interconnection device is a repeater. A repeater moves all received packets or frames between LAN segments. The primary function of a repeater is to extend the length of the network media, i.e. the cable.

    4. someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior

    5. a firearm that can fire several rounds without reloading

    1. Someone who never has ideas or opinions of their own. Instead uses those of other people. In fear of their ideas or opinions being stupid. Also because if their opinions and ideas are attacked its not really their opinion or idea so they have more comfort. Or they are just huge conformists who are usually too lazy to learn about something and form an opinion on it themselves.

    2. Someone who says the same thing over, tells stories multiple times, when they were only funny the first time. Or uses the same joke all the time.

    How to tell if someone is the first type of repeater.

    1. They express strong opinions, yet have one or two things to back it up, nothing else.
    2. They never explain their copied opinions.

  • A person who needlessly repeats a punch line.

  • Someone that likes to repeat everything they say over and over again without refuse. Often times this can be very annoying to fellow females in the group and can create contempt towards this individual. The repeated vocabulary is frequently a catch phrase or idiom that was created as an inside joke within his/her circle of friends, yet no one understands what it is they are trying to convey.

  • The male equivalent to a multiple orgasm / squirter / cummer in the female. The male cums more than once in the same fuck, sometimes rapidly - giving the impression of a very much longer than usual jet of hot cum, without losing the erection or resting. The fuck can change position; i.e hand, tits, mouth, ass, pussy, feet, more than one sex partner at the same time etc with hot jets of cum all the way through sex. Even right upto the end!

  • a sporadic hook-up with no strings attached that continues over a lengthy period of time; NOTE: This must occur over a period of time so that it is not confused with dating and getting to know someone to determine if there is something more. At this point, its clear there is nothing there but you both have nothing else going on, so why not get a little more action? This can even be used for ex-boyfriend/girlfriend hook-ups with no intention of getting back together.

  • Annoying person who points out the one negative thing in something and blows it up to make is seem like something huge...or just an overall douchebag.